Introduction of large/medium banquet halls

Introduction of large/medium banquet halls

With the best services and facilities in all of Changwon, Hotel International hosts various small and medium-sized events such as reunions, seminars, birthday parties, and regular general meetings.


It is a large banquet hall that can accommodate 1,000 receptions and 550 banquets at the same time and is equipped with the latest sound, lighting, and full HD ultra-high-definition large screen facilities. Various large-scale events such as international conferences, dinner shows, seminars, fashion shows, workshops, wedding receptions, and inauguration ceremonies can be held.
Grand Ballroom
홀이름 규모 Capacity (persons)
py 넓이(㎡) size(m) Theater/Seminar Style Banquet Seminar Style
Grand Ballroom 230 759 33*23*7 1,000 400~500 400
Robby 74 245 중앙 스크린 사이즈 6m * 5m
Grand Ballroom full HD ultra-high-definition LED screen
Full HD ultra-high-definition LED screen
위치 무대 좌측ㆍ우측
Size 3.5m * 4m

Banquet Info

연회장 위치

New Building 5F


Grand Ballroom Hall : 230평(759m² / 23m*33m*7m)
Robby : 74평(245m²)


Banquet/Seminar : 550 people, Theater Style/Reception : 1000 people

Booking and Contacting

TEL : +82-55-264-0044
Banquet Reservation

Grand Ballroom 도면


  • 초고화질 LED 스크린
  • 자동스크린
  • 전자지시봉
  • 엠프, 스피커
  • 마이크
  • 피아노
  • 각종조명
  • 콘트롤 믹서
  • CD플레이어

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