2F Nouvelle

2F Nouvelle

Nouvelle Hall is equipped with a beautiful long 20m and 4.7m high Virgin Road for dramatic and elegant weddings.
With the arrangement of the array speakers and special beams, we have a special production that no other can be seen in Changwon, creating an incredible and special runway show of the bride and groom to showcase their beautiful wedding.
The Wedding Hall can accommodate up to 200 to 500 people, featuring beautiful flower production and styling that can only be seen at luxury hotel weddings.
Nouvelle Hall is located on the 2nd floor, and you can use either the direct stairs or the elevator from the parking lot.
The use of a private hall and a leisurely 1 hour and 30-minute wedding ceremony will enhance the quality of a luxury hotel wedding.

The bridal waiting room and pyebaek room are located in the lobby of the wedding hall and can be used conveniently.
The bridal waiting room is bright and luxurious in white tones to further enhance the beauty of the bride.
The Pungbaek Room is spacious and has a comfortable interior, allowing you to proceed comfortably.

Parking Information (2 hours free for wedding guests) : 400 parking spaces inside the hotel and 5 parking partners outside the hotel near the hotel for about 450 cars. Total parking can accommodate between 850 to 1,000 cars.

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